Animation in Australia

Since the ARC is an animation blog with its base in Brisbane Australia, it is time to post about the 'local' industry.

Second year animators from the Southbank Institute course are starting to venture to the edge of the nest and look out at the big, wide world. Maybe we should say, "Look out! big, wide world"? Australia is a big (and wide and brown) place but animation is concentrated into various loci, usually the capital cities on the east coast, but there is a strange glow over Adelaide as well.

Screen Australia (mentioned by a recent guest lecturer) has a web site well worth looking up. Maybe you need $120G ("120 large") for your animated short film? Well you have only 2 months to apply for the annual funding round.

Screenwest has funding opportunities for animators in Western Australia. It is worth searching for your local state film funding body. For example, in Queensland, there is the Pacific Film and Television Commission. It seems most 2009/10 financial year opportunities close in October 2009.

For animators who have a short film but no credentials to write into a funding application, the film festival circuit beckons. SBIT animators always keep an eye on Tropfest as the deadline for entries occurs soon after completing their major projects, a nice coincidence. And for a fun road trip to northern NSW, there is always the Byron Bay Film Festival to consider (film deadlines at the end of September).

Maybe there is some more information about the Australian animation industry people would like to comment on? Any news on BIAF 2010? (Trent just passed out). Hope some of these links are of help or interest.