Recently myself and some of my fellow QUT Education students made a short doco titled THE JOY OF ANIMATION. It profiles four Brisbane-based animators discussing why they love animating. It's not a "how-to-animate" film, but rather it's a celebration of the creative process. Or something.

And it stars ARC contributors Ian and Frank, as well as Steve Baker (Tropfest winner) and Jason Lynch (stop-mo genius).

Here it is!


Ian said...

Hey thats some pretty fine company I find myself in there :P

nice work Big T

Frank said...

I think Ian, Steve and Jason did a great job. Ian's message about manipilating micromovements is exceptional thought fuel.

Well done Terry and your production team.

It was, in part, this documentary that flavoured some of the ideas for the Animators as Directors post.

The guy in the wolf shirt is a bit scary.

Terry said...

Thanks guys. It was your passion and energy that persuaded me to make the doco.

I'm gonna go throw up now...

angus said...

It's always great to get some insight's into the mind of an animator

Kristi said...

Great work, doco team and interviewees. Ian, I miss our long rambling animation discussions.