Animated Music Clips & Who is David OReilly?

The second year animators at SBIT have an exciting opportunity with experimenting with an animated music clip. This comes hot on the heels of the Steve Baker lecture, within which it was suggested for animators to forge connections with local musicians. Then I was looking at some posts by some blazing, new UK animators I met in Paris and they pointed me over to Berlin animator David O'Reilly's site (check out his recent essay about animation aesthetics) and Vimeo channels. The 'Click' link is to a recent animated clip he directed for U2.


Alonso said...

Animating with music can be a strong and powerful learning tool to really get your timing nailed down, and to build on your sense of rhythm.

John K. has talked about it multiple times, learning from the old masters. here, here, here, here, here, here. John K. has a lot of good things on his blog, unfortunately it's poorly organized and you have to wade through a lot of bitterness to get to it.

Also, Newgrounds has an audio portal where you can grab some music to work with (as I understand it, people put their music up for others to use in animations and stuff). If you want to play with music without making a commitment to real people.

Frank said...

Alonso, when my first year animators get hold of this information, I won't be able to hold them back. There aare a lot of muscicians in that year.

I'll let the second year's know as well because when they finish their class project they may want to pursue this path further.

Thanks for your post! :)