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Alexei Alexeev's "KJFG No.5" (aka. The Forest Trio) is still the best animation ever created, in my honest opinion. Note that this is not Ian posting. So a look at some more of Alexei's work is in order. More can be found under the 'short films' link @ Studio Baesarts.


Woodstock FF said...

"Alexei Alexeev was born in Moscow, Russia and has twelve years of animation experience. He attended Russian University of Cinematography with a focus on film and animation.

In 1989 he got a job as an animator in Studio "Pilot." and later became the Creative Director of both Studio "Baestarts" and "Varga" Studios in Budapest.

In 1990 he co-wrote the series "Museum of Comics" in Belgium. He worked on TV commercials for TV8, Panasonic, and Gepard, as well as animated music videos for MTV. He was the Series Director for "Kipper" (Hit Entertainment) "Mr. Bean" (TAP) and "Nursery Rhymes").

Alexei also directed pilots such as "Beach-Peach," Kings Moon," "Baby Blues" (Warner Brothers), and "Colin Vs. the World" (Cartoon Network) as well as bumpers "Dexter" (Cartoon Network) and short films for "Sesame Street."

Alexei Alexeev said...

"I always liked animals but never liked their music because I'd never heard them playing music. After making LOG JAM shorts I still cannot decide do I like animal music or not."

Cassie said...

Well, that was random... like a shaggy dog story it had no end. :P