Studio Ghibli 3D

I werz checking out Alonso's blog like. Werrrd! And he had a link to the Ghibli blog what-ev-fah, and since I'm 'hip with the Jennys' (the Gen "Y"s), werrd. I thought I'd link to something Alonso pointed out, duh!

It's about Studio Ghibli and 3D technology. Quote atch ya: "What we're seeing on the screen is mostly computer models, with hand-drawn characters, but what's most striking is the painterly way everything is presented. Everything is a lush, wonderfully detailed watercolor painting, but moving in three dimensions. It's the perfect realization of Ghibli's brilliant sketches and storyboard paintings."


Cassie said...

I don't know if you were trying to act cool or something frank, it was just irritating read the post twice to get any meaning out of the paragraph. My 2 cents.

frank said...

werrrd, Yo!

Alonso said...
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Alonso said...


This example from Disney's Tarzan gives a possible worflow for getting a painted look in 3D

and here's Michael Calwood working out a scene that feels similar to that Tarzan one.
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Ian said...

variety is the spice of life Cassie. Frank and I have made thousands of posts between us so as we try to keep things interesting for ourselves as much as anyone else, you may have to indulge the ocational excentricity..... Booooeeeeeeeeeeee! ;P

thanks Frank and Alonso.

frank said...

Hey Alonso

I've been seeing some interesting posts on your blog and I lerv to cross pollinate blogs to keep the animation news pumping!

Yo, Cass, as if, whatever, funglebeans :)