Some new goodies for the ARC

3D world magazine has made some tutorials from Kyle Balda on animating with dialogue available. Adding to the Character - Dialogue section.

I have mixed feelings about teaching process, the risk of trying to push a square student into a round hole can have some nasty consequences. But this process overview from Mike Walling is so simple and to the point I find it hard to imagine it not being useful to most students. (A new director I have at work felt the need to show this one to me the other day, proving that we all have more to learn and being an animator means being a student for life :P. ) Adding to the Process section.

Share CG has heaps of goodies to help you come to terms with that pesky animation software. Adding to the Software Tutorials section.

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Frank said...

Ooo yeah! Keep that animation goodness pouring in!

Thanks Ian.

The Kyle Balda tutes on 3D World Magazine are massive. He said that he will look at getting better edited versions up on his site when he finishes production on "Despicable Me".

So if 150MB downloads are too much, keep an eye on the ARC for when Kyle gets the concise versions up. They are worth waiting for.